1. Installed new legs & leg levers.

2. Cabinet stripped down, sanded and re-stenciled.

3. Coin Door Skin re-grained, new decals installed.

4. Install new cabinet bottom.

5. Re-grained side rails.

6. New playfield Glass.

7. Install new playfield overlay.

8. Playfield wiring harnesses removed and cleaned, new ground bead installed.

9. Replaced all bad playfield light sockets.

10. Pop bumpers rebuilt with new caps.

11. Installed all new rubbers.

12. Flippers rebuilt.

13. Re-paint apron, installed new decals & custom apron cards.

14. All new cabinet instruction cards installed.

15. Installed custom spinner & drop target decals.

16. Backglass near mint.

17. All boards reworked as needed, Game is working 100%.

18. Custom spinner & drop target decals.

19. Many more things that I can't remember.