Some of the things I did in the Eight Ball Restoration:

1. Total cabinet repaint inside and out.

2. All new ground bead installed in cabinet & head.

3. Installed new side rails.

4. New Glass.

5. Repainted leg and installed new bolts & levers.

6. Coin door polished inside and out, new coin door inserts.

7. Replaced all cabinet instruction & warning cards.

8. Near mint back glass.

9. All very clean boards working 100%.

10. All displays are clear w/ no burns.

11. SDU adjusted to 170 volts.

12. NOS Playfield was installed a couple years ago before I bought the machine.

13. Replaced many light socket & bulbs.

14. New CPR Playfield Plastics set installed.

15. New Flippers units, Pop bumpers rebuilt. All coils with new sleeves.

16. Highly Polished Shooter Rod.

17. New Pop bumper caps & Rubber Kit.

18. Original coin box with plastic trays.

Iím sure thereís more that I canít remember.