Some of the things I did in the Eight Ball Restoration:

1. Total cabinet repaint inside and out.

2. All new ground bead installed in cabinet & head.

3. Installed new side rails.

4. Repainted leg and installed new bolts & levers.

5. Coin door polished inside and out, new coin door inserts.

6. Replaced all cabinet instruction & warning cards.

7. New re po back glass.

8. All very clean boards working 100%.

9. All displays are clear w/ no burns.

10. SDU adjusted to 170 volts.

11. Playfield was stripped, touched up and clear coated.

12. Install all new light sockets.

13. Flippers, Pop bumpers rebuilt. All coils with new sleeves.

14. Highly Polished Shooter Rod.

15. New Pop bumper caps & Rubber Kit.

Iím sure thereís more that I canít remember.