1. Game is working 100%.

2. Cabinet stripped down, sanded and repainted base color of white. Custom side art added.

3. Free Play Rom's installed.

4. Installed new leg levers, legs sanded and repainted.

5. Backglass near mint, with new lift rail.

6. Playfield was stripped down, touched up and clear coated by Phoebe.

7. Coin Door stripped, sanded down and repainted, new decals installed.

8. Custom paint on apron.

9. New playfield Glass.

10. All bad light sockets replaced, all bulbs replaced, all coil sleeves replaces. Pop bumpers rebuilt with new caps.

11. Side rails re-grained.

12. New playfield Glass.

13. Shooter rod polished.

14. All new cabinet instruction cards installed.

15. Chimes box reconditioned.

16. Wiring harnesses removed and cleaned, new ground bead installed.

17. Many more thing that I can't remember.

18. Using a Black ball to look like a bowling ball.